Tips on Organising an Event

Here are our 5 tips on organising an event:

1) Project plan – work backwards from the final event and plan what tasks need to be completed before you can get to that point; it’s also nice to tick off the completed tasks as you go along!

2) Delegate – where possible, delegate some tasks and responsibilities to others. This obviously depends on the event, but there are, more often than not, people that would be more than willing to help out, and you don’t want to overstretch yourself.

3) Promotion – this is crucial, think about your target audience and make sure the promotional techniques fit. For instance, would leaflets and posters work? Facebook adverts? A social media campaign (use of a hashtag, for instance)? Newsletter? Word of mouth? Press release? Think about all the ways in which you can promote the event and make sure you include this in your project plan.

4) Communication – having good communication with people involved in the event is really important, and probably one of the hardest aspects of organising an event given how crucial it is for everyone to be on the same page. Pay particular attention to this.

5) Evaluation – again depending on the event, it can be very useful and helpful to plan evaluation of the event, which could include a printed survey that people are given at the end of the event, interactive feedback or a follow up survey. This is especially important if you are wanting to judge the impact of the event or if you are wanting to run the event again, as it helps you see what worked and didn’t.

Jay & Jane have experience in organising a range of events – from tournaments, pop-up IT support, pop-up quizzes, pop-up sponsored events, and voter registration drives – please get in touch for more.