Producing a Case Study

Case studies – providing detailed examples of what you are doing – are really useful to produce for several reasons, including:

  • They can provide an example that people can relate to. Whilst useful, statistics don’t have the same capacity to connect with people. That’s not to say that you can’t relate statistics to the case study, but case studies can help give life to the statistics making it easier for people to access and relate to.
  • Case studies help you understand the effect you are having. Some of the case studies we have produced over the years of running community projects have really impacted us when we have stepped back, reflected and looked at the difference the activities have made!
  • Case studies are great for sharing with your supporters, stakeholders and funders – it helps show why you do what you do.

Given this, here are some tips on how we produce case studies:

  • Qualitative information is really important – this includes talking to people involved with the delivery of activities and seeing if they have any stand out stories, running surveys with stakeholders and those involved with your activities with text based answers really useful here and also just talking to people involved and summarising any difference achieved through these conversations. We have also asked people to answer a series of questions and published them online – see our Solidarity Soccer participant case studies for instance (here, here and here for examples).
  • Utilising images can be really useful and can help with bringing the case study to life; make sure you have consent for this though.
  • Try and tell a story – mentioning what the problem/issue was, how what you are doing has helped and any positive consequences going forward from this. The use of quotes from the people or person involved is really useful here too, as telling the story through their words rather than yours helps even more with creating impacting and reflective case studies.

Jay & Jane offer comprehensive evaluation consultancy services, including creating case studies – please get in touch for more.