Tips on Preparing a Presentation

5 tips on preparing an engaging and useful presentation:

1) Prepare questions to ask – engaging presentations make the audience critically consider what is being discussed; prepare some thoughtful questions, even if you don’t ask your audience for the answers.

2) Prepare to freestyle! – if possible, try and design your presentation so you can freestyle as much as possible, and so whilst it is useful to have notes of what you are going to cover, using these notes as pointers to expand from is better than reading from a piece of paper word for word.

3) Use presentation software – relating to point 2, the use of presentation software can be very useful, as you can include the notes and points you are going to expand from in the presentation slides. Remember, as discussed in our free and open source software blog, you can download Libre Office and access Impress software for free – it offers all the same options as PowerPoint in Microsoft Office!

4) Take print outs – print outs give your audience something to use to take notes, also different people learn in different ways and so different presentation methods are useful.

5) Take promotion material – take promotional material, which can include business cards and leaflets, for people to take away if they are interested in learning more about the subject.

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