Tips on Time Management

5 key applications that will help with time management:

1) Fruux we use this application, which is basically an electronic calendar, to help us plan our work on a monthly basis. It is accessible via your phone and computer/laptop and you can even have your daily tasks emailed to you at the beginning of the day. Furthermore, you can sync events with your calendar on your phone, enabling pop up reminders. We both use the free account and this works well for us, but you can pay for more services if needed.

2) Taiga we both use this for communicating on issues and questions we may have for each other in relation to shared projects and work, with it providing options to assign questions and tasks to someone with this then triggering an email about this new task to the person’s email. Emails are also sent when there is an update to any issue. It is specifically designed for programmers but it works well for management of tasks and projects in general – however, you are only able to have one project on the free version; our project simply being “Jay and Jane” – enabling us to assign limitless tasks and questions to each other!

3) Trello another project management tool that helps with long-term planning and also links into lots of other useful project management and tech tools; we use this as individuals but also for Libre Digital and AFC Unity, with Directors able to be added in and assigned tasks and responsibilities, reducing the email exchanges that take place.

4) Hootsuite a social management platform that is a really useful tool for planning and scheduling postings on social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and therefore something you could plan to do a few hours once a week, for instance, timing your posts for the week rather than taking time up each day to do this. It also helps with planning what messages you want to get out there with a consistent and well thought out marketing strategy.

5) Multcloud this enables you to sign in and access several different online storage systems at once, sharing files between them if you want – with everything accessible via one website.

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