Tips on How to Develop a Business Plan

5 key tips when writing and developing a business plan:

1) Do your research – make sure you use stats and figures to back up your ideas and approach; you need to show what your business is responding to and why it is needed and why it will succeed.

2) Include your sources/references – when citing facts, figures and information make sure you include links to the sources and references you have used so people can look into this themselves and see your business plan is backed by empirical research and evidence.

3) State your aims clearly – it is useful to include a business mission statement, values, vision, and intended activities; using bullet points to make this really clear to those reading is useful too. It is helpful to include projections and expectations of where the organisation will be in x many years, including any expansion plans. It shows that you have thought about the long-term sustainability and plans of the organisation rather than just the short-term launch.

4) Include key personnel – make sure you include background information on all the key people involved in running the organisation, including relevant experience, qualifications and the job roles and responsibilities.

5) Outline your marketing strategy – provide as much information as possible about your marketing approach, including who your target audience is, how you will engage them, and how this will generate interest and potential income for your organisation. You can specify what social media platforms you will use and why and how, too. Linking this into expansion plans is also helpful.

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