Tips on How to Successfully Project Manage

5 key tips when managing a project:

1) Plan ahead – make sure you know when you are going to do things and when you need to know the answer to any questions posed for your project to work and meet the intended outcomes. In a similar vein, make sure you know what your intended project outcomes are when planning!

2) Implement a cash flow – make sure you keep a record of and plan the project spending and that this corresponds to meeting project outcomes and goals.

3) Sort project contracts – if relevant, make sure you draft up workers’ and any other relevant contracts and get these signed before the project activity starts.

4) Coordinate evaluation process – you might have someone else doing the evaluation or you might be doing it yourself, but you need to make sure this corresponds with your intended project outcomes and that you know when this needs to be done in relation to your project activity.

5) Communication – make sure you have efficient, regular and effective communication with everyone involved on your project and make sure they know who to contact if they need any help or advice. Managing expectations is key.

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