Tips on Writing a Good Newsletter

5 key tips when writing a newsletter to address your clients and service users:

1) Imagery – use imagery to promote your activities, services and products where possible to engage and capture your audience.

2) Social networking – connect all your social networking accounts to your newsletter; it encourages your service users to follow your activities on different platforms and also promotes engagement.

3) Exclusive content – where possible offer your subscribers something special and unique to them in your newsletter, whether that is one day advance notice of a new product, a promotional code and discount or exclusive video/article content, it all helps with creating trust, loyalty and rapport between you and your subscribers.

4) Consistency – it’s important to have brand consistency across all your social networking platforms and everything you produce as an organisation (fliers, press releases, letters, postcards etc), and that includes your newsletter; think about the colours, font style and style of writing and anything else that makes your brand and organisation stand out compared to others.

5) Interactivity – where possible try and engage your subscribers via the newsletter content, whether that is by asking them to complete a survey to obtain feedback on a latest product, or via a competition that can be run on Twitter, or by sharing a video with them providing personalised interaction – try and increase that interactivity via your newsletter.

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