Tips on Writing a Successful Funding Application

Here are 5 key tips when it comes to writing a successful funding application:

1) Research – make sure you find out information about the people, group, area and/or community you will be working with. This can be in the form of statistics which have been produced by bodies such as the local and central government, it can be academic research, it can also be your own research and consultation (which could include quotes and case study format). The key is to show how your idea responds to demand and meets an issue rather than the idea coming first.

2) Strong outcomes – define 3 or 4 key aims and outcomes that you want to achieve through the project and activities, showing how your work will respond to demand (linking in with point 1); make these measurable and also think about the way you are going to evaluate and analyse this (see Tips on Writing a Good Evaluation for more).

3) Quotes – using quotes from existing, previous or potential service users and customers is a very good way of illustrating the impact of your work. Try and use this where possible; it is also easier to obtain, compared to statistical data that requires more people to complete to get a representative sample.

4) Well thought-out budget – obtain quotes, look for comparative prices and make sure you are asking for enough to make the project work. Linking in with point 5, make sure you know what is and isn’t covered by the funding, and if you can obtain contributions to running costs go for it! Also, think about things such as stationery and marketing which will be project related costs but might not necessarily be something you think of including when doing the budget.

5) Read the guidelines! – this is so important, before writing any bid make sure you read through the guidelines and know what they are looking for, it is often very obvious when someone hasn’t done this and it wont stand you in good stead in terms of success of the application if you haven’t. There are often helpful tips next to questions in application forms too – make sure you read these and cover these points in your answers.

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