Tips on Writing a Good Evaluation

5 key tips when it comes to writing a good evaluation report:

1) Plan ahead – make sure you know what you want to record for your evaluation and how you are going to record it before the activities/service/project begins! Survey Monkey is a very good way of collecting and analysing useful qualitative and quantitative information for free, for instance.

2) Use images – as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; images are really important when it comes to illustrating in your evaluation the impact your activities, services and projects have had.

3) Be critical – people like to know that you use the information and analysis of data to make your activities, services and products better; be prepared to be critical, honest and reflective!

4) Range of opinions – engage with a variety of stakeholders to obtain a 360 degrees analysis of your activities, services and products.

5) Respond – often when analysing activities, services and projects you can find evidence for new things to happen in response to what you have just done; always be aware of this and respond where possible to demand!

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